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Featured project

Our team has deep expertise in all aspects of public policy management – from design to delivery to  evaluation.​

Policy design​

We are conducting policy research to improve the way that vulnerable workers experience job transitions. This project is helping to build evidence based on leading practices, tools and insights in upskilling, and reskilling initiatives - with a particular focus on reaching workers before they become unemployed.​

Policy implementation​

We recently supported the implementation of a provincial workforce training and employment services transformation. This included documenting what service delivery transformation looks like from the perspective of frontline staff and clients, highlighting work that has been implemented as a result of the service transformation process, identifying the frontline risks, barriers, challenges, and opportunities for transformation and exploring what change management tactics should be introduced.​

Policy evaluation​

We are working with a large municipal government to evaluate a home ownership assistance program –  a key economic and social policy tool that supports low to moderate income citizens into home ownership. This program evaluation will provide the clarity and evidence needed to ensure that the policy meets key objectives, including to enhance wealth-building for equity-seeking groups, foster connection between people and place, and create a sense of belonging for individuals and communities.​

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