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Problem solving for public impact


We provide a full range of services to help organizations address strategic, operational and public policy challenges.

We bring together a broad set of skills and experience including research, management consulting, and public policy development to deliver comprehensive client-focused solutions.

Working for Better

- public services

- public policies

- informed decisions

- service experiences

- digital solutions

- business strategy

- operational change

- skills and capabilities

- employee experiences

- outcomes for citizens & business

How We Work

Research & Analysis


Beam Group’s approach is rigorous, practical and inclusive. Our team is skilled in conducting in-depth analysis and synthesizing data from multiple sources to identify key themes and actionable insights.

Engagement & Collaboration


We emphasize meaningful, authentic engagement to understand individual and community aspirations, motivations, and attitudes. Our team uses these insights to adjust and strengthen strategy and policy recommendations to ensure they have a real impact for people.

Clear Direction & Results


Achieving impact requires vision and focus. Our team’s reports and presentations synthesize complex policy issues and business priorities in a clear, accessible manner for decision makers. We are known for producing visual, intuitive, and
outcome-oriented insights.


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