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Who We Are


Jerrett Myers

Jerrett is a highly experienced business transformation consultant who has successfully delivered dozens of projects for clients at the municipal, provincial and federal levels of government as well as globally. As a project leader, his core focus is on initiatives to improve the quality and efficiency of public service delivery, with a particular emphasis on digital transformation, social service innovation and regulatory reform. Jerrett is an active volunteer and is currently the vice chair of the Board of the Institute of Public Administration of Canada’s Toronto Region, leading events that bring people together who share a passion for improving the quality and efficiency of government and public services.


Jerrett previously worked on the reform of public services at two leading UK think tanks (Oxford Policy Institute and the Institute for Government) and has also worked in the Canadian Federal Government. He holds a Master of Public Administration from the London School of Economics and a Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management from Carleton University.

Lily Clark

Lily is a skilled change agent with a passion for public sector transformation that improves outcomes for people. Having worked at federal and municipal levels of the New Zealand government for over six years, Lily has an inside out understanding of core government processes and systems. She also has extensive experience working with Canadian provincial, municipal and non profit clients, and has cross sector expertise in housing, employment services, children and community services, and Indigenous relations.


Lily has been a trusted advisor to a number of senior government executives including the Head of the New Zealand Public Service. Clients value her pragmatic and tactical advice, her nuanced approach to high profile, politically sensitive initiatives, and her unique ability to bring people and ideas together. Lily holds a Law degree from the University of Auckland, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Latin American Studies.

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Adelina Urbanski

Adelina is an experienced senior executive with a focus on building healthier, more inclusive, and resilient communities. She served in municipal government for over 30 years, including as the Commissioner in Halton, and York Regions. As a strong mentor and leader, she has received recognition and awards for her work including the Ontario Municipal Social Services Lifetime Achievement Award, the Comprehensive Housing Strategy, the Truth About Youth Study, and the Emergency Housing Project.  


She has provided expert advice and guidance to various provincial taskforces and working groups hosted by the Association of Municipalities of Ontario. This includes the Provincial Fiscal and Service Delivery Review, the Social Assistance Taskforce, and the Housing Partnership Table. Adelina is currently a board member for the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and has been on the boards of and held leadership positions in a series of organizations including the Housing Services Corporation, TransForm, and the Ontario Municipal Social Services Association. 

Douglas Bartholomew-Saunders

Following 40+ years of management and executive experience in government operated and funded health and human services, Douglas uses his expertise to provide strategic advice to government, not-for-profit and for-profit organizations. His experience spans service system management, multi-system integration, strategy and policy development, systems expansion, and oversight design and implementation within the human services and includes considerable understanding and expertise in diversity, equity and inclusion.  

Recent strategic advisory work includes:

  • Helping an Ontario social services organization develop its 10-year Early Learning and Child Care Service plan

  • Advising an Ontario temporary shelter on managing external pressure to relocate its facility and operations

  • Advising two Ontario based social service organizations on fiscal viability in an environment of declining funding and donor bases

  • Helping an Ontario municipality introduce integrated service access and delivery to improve client service and reduce multiple intakes

  • Helping an Ontario immigration settlement community to settle and provide multiple services to 1,800 immigrants on an emergency basis in one year


In the late 1980s through the 1990s, Douglas, in partnership with a family physician, introduced new thinking and concepts of care into family medicine through the College of Family Physicians of Canada to address the unique medical needs of the LGBT+ communities. In 2019, the Ontario Municipal Social Services Association awarded Douglas the Patti Moore Award for excellence in integration and human services leadership. The award is presented annually to one member of the Association who excels in leadership and service integration. In 2023, Douglas was honoured to be the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award for his work in human services in the Province of Ontario, three Regional Municipalities as well as not-for-profit agencies.

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Mary Beth Jonz

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Mary Beth has over 40 years of experience in child care and early years, contributing to the design, delivery, and enhancement of key municipal and provincial programs. As Co-Chair and Champion of the Ontario Municipal Social Services Association (OMSSA) and Provincial Municipal Early Years Reference Group from 2014 to 2016, Mary Beth advised the Ministry of Education on the implementation of EarlyON programming, the Child Care and Early Years Act, the Child Care Wage Enhancement Grant, the General Operating Grant funding formula, full-day kindergarten, and the How Does Learning Happen? pedagogy.

Most recently, Mary Beth held the role of Director of Children’s Services at Halton Region, where she also founded and chaired the Our Kids Early Years Steering Committee (OKN). Mary Beth has been recognized for her 25-year leadership of OKN with the Canadian Association for Young Children “Friends of Children” Award. She has also received the Children’s Services Award from the Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario, and the OMSSA Lifetime Achievement Award.

Tasha Romeyn

Tasha is a motivated, skilled consultant with a passion for conducting research and analysis that supports public policy with social impact. She has experience across a wide range of policy areas, including immigration, gender equity, early childhood education, the justice sector, ocean protection, and climate change. In addition to quantitative and qualitative research, Tasha has expertise in program evaluation, strategic policy implementation, stakeholder engagement, and project management. In all project work, Tasha is committed to equipping clients with practical, actionable insights that help improve public services.  

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Sumaya Bhatti

Sumaya is a consultant whose expertise lies in bridging gaps to drive impactful solutions. With a Master's in Translational Research from the University of Toronto, Sumaya specializes in the intersection of community health, science, and business strategy for creating meaningful social impact. She has been recently focused on designing and implementing health and wellness hubs for Toronto Community Housing and the West Toronto Ontario Health Team. She previously worked in medical administration across diverse healthcare settings and as a research assistant in an international team developing innovative tools for long-term care homes. Sumaya also has experience in project management, stakeholder engagement, design thinking, and policy implementation.

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